Monday, July 29, 2013

Trees for the Ogre Terrain Boards

Well I decided I didn't like the terrain boards as bare as they were. They definitely looked like a battle had occurred, but just looked too empty. I needed something to break up the monotony of the desert. So, I added some patches of grass and trees, and I really like the way they look now. The trees will make them harder to store and transport, but I'll work that out.

A shot of the first few trees being installed.

I got these trees on eBay, very cheap, about $20 for 400 of them. China of course! (Free shipping)

Hmm, looks like a golf course...

Well, a golf course with radioactive sand traps, anyway.

Fully populated with trees!

And a shot from the other end.

OK, these trees are a little too alike in color, guess I'll order some more in a lighter shade...

I do think it looks pretty good though, poke a hole in the foam, dip the tree trunk in white glue, insert!

Close-up, I think these trees look very realistic, twisted wire, flock, and brown paint on the trunks.

A shot from a lower elevation. The glue dries clear and you cannot tell it is there.

I'll take some more pictures during our next Ogre Miniatures battle!!


J Womack, Esq. said...

Looks nice!

Anonymous said...

I love the natural gradual slopes on your board. Who is selling those trees? They are nice, and in my price range!

jfleisher said...

Anonymous, I got these from eBay,

Anonymous said...

The best method I have found is by using "rare earth" magnets. Neodymium. I picked up 1000 at 1mm by 2mm (disc) for less than $11.00. I think it was ebay. Great for turrets or movable parts on ogres.

Joseph Bloch said...

What scale trees are those? N or Z?

They look great, and the price is right.