Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have been slacking in my blog updates, my apologies for that. Life gets in the way sometimes.

I have been working on multiple Ogre Miniatures projects, I just have not had a lot of time to blog about them:

  • Started a new set of terrain boards (inspired by the Quindia Studios write-up).
  • Picked up some used Ogre miniatures and have been working on stripping/repainting them.
  • Started teaching my son Jonathan (8) how to play. He's also helping with the terrain boards.
  • Re-thinking my existing Ogre miniature transport/storage solution.
  • Getting the rest of my buildings painted.

I'll start updating more often, and get some pictures on here too. The new terrain boards are going to look great.

I've been hanging out on the Steve Jackson Games Ogre forum hoping to hear more about 6e. The sparse news that I have seen is not promising. Ogre still takes a back seat to anything Munchkin related. I know they have to keep the money coming in, but the lack of support and delays is depressing. Showing us cool prototypes and creating a dealer sell sheet shows that they intend to produce something eventually, but how many years will we have to wait?


ADB said...

You are not the only one fed up with the wait.

The 'release' kept me interested but I expect my bits to be on eBay in the next couple of months - just need time to sort out where things are stored and decide 'all in one' or 'bit by bit'

Shame - the figures where great and I loved the boardgame but without support it will just die a slow and painful death.

jfleisher said...

Tell me about it, I've been hanging on for years now with a 6e release "right around the corner".

It's almost like the SJG team don't want to bring back Ogre, only Steve does. So now they are fighting him passive-aggressively...

Don't put those bits on eBay, sell them to me! LOL.