Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ogre Collection

I thought I'd put together a list of all my Ogres, and then I decided as long as I was going to do that, I might as well put up pictures of them as well...

Ogre Mark I

Ogre Mark II
Ogre Mark III
Ogre Mark III-B

Ogre Mark IV

Ogre Mark V

Ogre Mark VI

Fencer A & B

Vulcan and 2 drones


destroyed Ogre
and a group shot or two


ADB said...

You have so many nice shiny things - I'm sure you could spare a couple :-)

Nice collection - love the eclectic painting styles! As it has been said before - something as big as an Ogre can have any colour scheme it wants as I am not going to argue...


Desert Scribe said...

Some good looking cybertanks you have there! I especially like the dazzle schem and the urban cammo. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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See my Blog for photos of the rare Martian Metals OGRE Mk Vb.


ian said...

Do you know of any place that still sells OGRE miniature? I'd love to get one. Thanks.

Shawn said...

Have you guys seen this?


It's an awesome new version of Ogre with large maps and 3D Ogre pieces! Also, because the Kickstarter has gone so well, SJG has committed to rereleasing the miniatures line!

As I write this, there's only 17 hours left until the end of the Kickstarter, so if you want in, you better jump on it! (The game will be available in stores, but you can get some extra pieces and stuff if you back the Kickstarter.)

HarmlessHamster said...
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HarmlessHamster said...

I have two of every OGRE that SJG has put out. They are still in storage awaiting when I have time enough to paint them. I am also trying to learn to paint on metal. I tried once without a base coat ... disaster! Maybe give me a clue on how, what type paint to use and how much of an undercoat? I still have some real gold leaf sheets I could use to decorate my OGRES (I bought 3 sheets for $100).
I removed my last comment so I could post my ID from the forums. Toltrin is my forums name at Steve Jackson games.

HarmlessHamster said...

Wish you lived in Oregon. I would love to go up against your army with the ones I have in my collection!

 Ashley said...

A very nice collection of OGREs.