Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Emptying the Closet of Unpainted Shame

Well, it's done. I finally pulled out the last of my Ogre miniatures and painted them! Every Ogre is painted, every G.E.V., every heavy tank, all of it.

Some statistics:

Ogres (various types): 35 total
Vehicles: Combine (386), Paneuropean (606)
Other (12)

Yes, that's over 1000 miniatures for a game that's what, 33 years old? I should probably make time to play it more often.

Oh yeah, just found a huge pile of unpainted Ogre infantry... sigh....

Well, maybe tonight I'll clean them up, glue them on bases, prime them...


kokigami said...

A picture?

jfleisher said...

I'll post some pics soon, had a few issues with water in the basement to take care of first!

Joseph said...

We still play Ogre Miniatures out here in the wilds of NJ, both in our home games and at conventions. Older doesn't mean "out of date".