Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Origins 2010 Convention Musings

Well, there's only about 30 days to go before Origins, time to start organizing my Ogre stuff for the trip. I've pulled all of the cases of Ogre miniatures off the shelves in the basement, located my storage tubs of terrain and buildings, and found my backpack.

Yes, every year I take a backpack with me to Origins, I find it very useful for carrying all the miscellaneous items that one needs at a convention. Digital camera, laptop, snacks, etc.

On the subject of snacks:

I always find it amazing the prices that the Columbus Convention Center charges for candy bars and 20oz bottles of Pepsi. Come on, $3.50 for a bottle that I can buy in any convenience store for ~$1.49? If I buy a 6-pack at the grocery store I pay less than $1.00 a bottle.

Maybe I should publish an article about how to save money at a game convention...

Park a little farther away in a free parking area, walk a bit farther to the con.

Have a cooler in your car, filled with ice. Stock it with snacks and soda. Save a lot of $$$$. Walk out to the car a couple of times a day and restock your backpack.

Use the backpack to smuggle in your snacks so the convention center security guys won't throw you out.

Don't eat meals inside the convention center. They have a captive audience, and they know it. For Origins specifically, I suggest the French Market, 1 block west of the Convention Center. Great food, cheap, and some of the best pizza I have ever eaten. I make it a point every year to get pizza there at least once.

Living near Columbus has been very helpful for my Origins attendance. If Origins was out of state I doubt that I would go very often. I've attended the con every year since 1996.

I make it to Gen Con every few years, but only because it is 4 hours away in Indianapolis.

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