Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Japanese Ogre

It's been a while since I posted on here, however, I picked up an interesting item on eBay the other day and wanted to share:

This is of course, the Ogre microgame, translated to Japanese. What I found interesting is that some of the manual illustrations do not appear to have been used anywhere else in the Ogre product line. Since I can't read Japanese, I can't tell who the artist is on these.

An interesting take on the Paneuropean heavy tank:

A slightly different Mark V Ogre:

 A very different Paneuropean missile tank:


Definitely a howitzer, but which side?

 A very different looking Mark III:

I'd love to find out more about these.

On an unrelated note, Origins 2015 time has arrived, and I am loading up all my Ogre miniatures stuff to play on Saturday, if I can get a table in the open gaming area...


 Ashley said...

Cool find.

jfleisher said...


I was wondering if you were still working on your second Ogre article for Wargames Illustrated?

 Ashley said...

I am, but have been busy writing my novel. I also have a shed load of miniatures that I need to make up and paint for the article (I exaggerate for comic effect, but not that much), which is why my other spaceship article is also running behind schedule. You can blame Dream Pod 9 and for having their Heavy Gear that has sucked down a lot of my spare time. Sorry about that.

Toltrin said...

That is something I have never seen for OGRE/GEV! Finding something new that was commercially available back then is truly a special find!
I especially like the look of the missile tank. The sideways launchers make more sense to me than a pivoting launcher that can only fire a few missiles at a time. Come to think of it, a true long range missile launcher that fires really maneuverable 'smart' missiles do not need to be aimed at their target. In fact, it would be beneficial for the target not really know from which direction these missiles really did come from.
Truly a cool find! If you don't mind me asking, Atom, how much did that find set you back financially? (You can answer in BitCoin or South African Rand .... LOL)

BlackWidowPilot said...

Wow! I had no idea it was translated into any foreign language edition back in the day let alone Japanese! Helluva find! >;)

Phasma Felis said...

I like that they made some effort to give the secondary batteries plausible turrets. The mountings on most versions of the SJ design would have an absurdly limited range of motion.