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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Plastic Ogre Miniatures!!!

Well, I decided to sort out and get started on my plastic Ogre miniatures. I had just been throwing everything in one large plastic storage tub.

First, the sorting:

 Then, the clipping of miniatures from their sprues:

Then the gluing... so much gluing...

In plastic, I have the following:

77 Ogre Mk III
52 Ogre Mk IV
75 Ogre Mk V
48 Fencers

384 Heavy Tanks
504 Light Tanks

216 Missile Tanks

144 Howitzers
175 Mobile Howitzers

252 Super Heavy Tanks

288 GEVs
516 Light GEVs
246 GEV-PCs

36 Command Posts
2268 Infantry

It's going to take me 50 years to paint all these, and the plastic Combine units are supposed to be coming to Kickstarter soon...


Andyroo said...


That sound was my jaw hitting the floor by the way!

 Ashley said...

What he said... ^

Desert Scribe said...

That's a lot of minis! What color schemes are you thinking of?

With all that plastic, any desire to kitbash, or maybe create a few dozen burned-out vehicles or cybertanks?

jfleisher said...

Definitely using some of the plastics for wrecks, kitbashing, etc. Always felt guilty using the metal minis for any other purpose than playing.